About Me

Hello and welcome to my School Governing blog

My name is Sean Whetstone and I have been a School Governor since 2008

I am Parent Governor and Chair of Governors at a small Surrey Infant School of 90 pupils which was graded by Ofsted as Outstanding in January 2010.

I am a member of Surrey County Council Education, Learning Development Select Committee as a Parent Governor Representative (PGR) since 2009.

I am active on Twitter under the name of @schoolgoverning where I have over 2,000 followers all interested in Education or School Governance related issues or news. http://www.twitter.com/schoolgoverning

I have been blogging on School Governance since March 2009 and publish an article about something related to school governing each and every day.

I co-manage a School Governance group on Linkedin called School Governors in the UK


I have also created another School Governing Linkedin group also called 'SchoolGoverning'


You can email me direct at Schoolgovernor@live.co.uk or Direct Message (DM) me on Twitter @schoolgoverning

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